With over forty years experience in the world of furniture, Christopher Payne is able to offer advice under a wide range of headings, from giving an introductory talk on furniture to a specialised ‘Furniture Workshop’. Advice may range from where to place a treasured possession to sell it in the most advantageous way, or simply which wax to use – I was recently able to stop an eastern collector using walnut juice for French furniture – not advisable!

Also, as curator of the Linke Archive I’m happy to make specific searches for people or institutions and provide written information on items of furniture. This can be work simply confirming that in my opinion the work is indeed by Linke, or can be a comprehensive review of his relevant ‘daybook’ entries.

There will be a charge for this work, based on a sliding scale depending on the complexity and time involved. The fee will be agreed between Christopher Payne and the interested party before the work commences.

An example of a footnote compiled for Sotheby’s New York for Linke’s copy of the Royal commode, index # 904, originally conceived by Stockel but altered at the command of the Garde-Meuble by German-born Guillaume Benneman, can be downloaded here.

However, authentication, research and footnotes are not restricted to Linke’s output; I can be consulted on any furniture related topic. I give a range of lectures for private groups, either for beginners or the serious collector. I might be giving a talk in a local church to raise money to eradicate death watch beetle or lecturing on a luxury cruise ship or through an interpreter in China!

Email me to apply for information.